Our Purpose

ESB's purpose is to create a Brighter Future for the customer and communities we serve, by leading the transition to reliable, affordable, low-carbon energy

Since its establishment in 1927, ESB has been characterised by its commitment to drive society forward and create a Brighter Future for the communities it serves. This is manifest in both the vision and scale of the projects that ESB has delivered for the nation over the past 90 years, ranging from the electrification of Ireland to the roll out of broadband.

ESB’s passion to serve society, our ability to deliver on our promises and the values underpinning our work have helped to build a deep well of support for ESB and drive our unique reputation as a responsible, committed and trusted leader.

Today, the biggest challenge facing not just Irish citizens but humanity in general is the threat of climate change. For Ireland, climate change is already impacting on society through storms, flooding, water shortages and the disruption of plants, animals and fisheries.

All of this is driving unprecedented change in the energy sector, with a move away from fossil fuels towards renewable and low carbon generation, along with rapid advances in new technologies that are putting the customer front and centre of the emerging energy landscape.

Our Values