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STEPs Programme

The Engineers Ireland STEPs programme encourages primary and post-primary students to explore the world of STEM while also promoting engineering as a career choice.

Click here for STEPS website.


ESB is a partner of TechSpace and is developing a national programme to promote science, technology, engineering and maths to young people across Ireland. TechSpace works through a network of youth organisations, projects and schools to enable participants to creatively express themselves using technology.

Click here for TechSpace website.

Additional Support Documentation

To support you in your studies and general understanding of electricity generation, we have compiled a list of useful documents to guide and help you.

Electricity Generation

Learn all about the generation of electricity at one of Europe's most efficient and cleanest power plants. 

Ireland's River Systems

Through our renewable hydroelectric operations we have a presence on a number of rivers. Learn all about these river systems through our detailed infographics.

ESB Power Station Information

ESB operates a number of power stations around the island of Ireland and overseas (eg. Carrington) and we provide a detailed analysis of some in the documents below.

Ireland has annual reduction targets for Heating, Transport and Agriculture emissions (also known as the Non Emissions Trading Sector).These must be either achieved or else they must be paid for by the Irish taxpayer.

This infographic highlights where our emissions come from.  

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