Coroflo Wins the ESB Spark of Genius, 2017

The 2017 ESB Spark of Genius winner was announced from Stage 2 at Web Summit today. The three finalists Coroflo, Mobility Mojo and Electrical Analytics all pitched with the passion, persuasion and panache we now associate with our top finalists.

In what was a true Web Summit spectacle of pitching power mixed with the collective held breath of a crowd enthralled by what is to come, there could only be one winner. Master of ceremonies, Saalim Chowdhury, partner at 500 Startups, announced Coroflo, as the overall winner.

Considering the high standard and commitment shown by each of the finalists it was particularly difficult for the judges to make their final decision. Judges consisted of Paul Mulvaney, Executive Director of ESB Innovation , Brian Caulfield at Draper Espirit, Kathleen Warner entrepreneur in residence at Techstars and Stephen Shortt an investor at EOAccelerator.

Rosanne Longmore CEO and Jamie Travers CTO were delighted to claim the top prize at Web Summit. It comes as no surprise that an enterprise with such an innovative product is on the fast track to global success. The product, called the “Coro” is the worlds first patented breastfeeding monitor which has the ability to tell the wearer how much milk their baby is actually getting. Rosanne tells us that the product is truly a world first, with outward application to measure many other biological processes. For now, however, the Coroflo team have set their focus primarily on solving the core maternal concern around their baby’s health and nutrition while breastfeeding.

Rosanne and Jamie explain that the issue is much more widespread than one might initially perceive with three quarters of women who start breastfeeding stop by 6 weeks for fear their infant is not getting enough nutrition. Even Richard Branson endorsed the Coro, when he met Rosanne to discuss the product over the Summer, commenting on his own daughters concerns as she is soon to become a mother.

If you are interested in learning more visit for information and updates on product development.

Once again, congratulations to Coroflo and to our other finalists, Mobility Mojo and Electrical Analytics.