Understanding the extent of network damage during Storm Ophelia

Energy Insights from ESB works in close collaboration with energy companies to deliver reliable, secure and cost effective data analytic products and services. We are a team of engineers, energy specialists, data scientists and analysts that have combined our skills with the latest innovative data science tools and techniques to develop data driven analytical solutions.

The Challenge

We understand that many businesses struggle with large quantities of data and how best to extract value from this data. Energy Insights offers cost effective data analytic solutions that can be implemented within a short timeframe, providing a full suite of solutions from user friendly dashboards to complex machine learning algorithms. Leveraging decades of ESB’s knowledge of the power and utility sector allows us to work with customers and provide them with insights that enable smarter decisions.

The Solution

Statistical analysis of the faults in each region assisted ESB Networks in making decisions on resource allocation following the storm. By looking at trends in the rate at which faults were recorded and power was restored resources could be adapted to suit each area. Weak parts of the grid infrastructure was analysed to assist in understanding where resources should be focused to have the maximum impact.  External datasets were combined with the system operators data to specifically target key critical customers for the restoration of power. A prioritisation algorithm was developed by the Energy Insights team to target customers for example hospitals, nursing homes water utilities for efficient and speedy restoration of power.

The Results

  • More efficient use of data to support restoration crews
  • Prioritised critical customers and infrastructure
  • Adapting to new requests with analytical tools and techniques.
  • Quicker restoration time

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