Network Pole Inventory preventative maintenance

ESB Networks had data on a high percentage of their wooden poles however they were unsure as to how best to use this data to inform decisions in relation to preventative maintenance.

The Challenge

What ESB networks wanted to achieve was to develop a predictive maintenance dashboard based on the risk profile of the assets.

The Solution

Data from the ongoing pole inventory undertaken by ESB Networks was analysed and a statistical model developed to identify network poles susceptible to rot and other defects. This was based on the big dataset collected by network technicians and combining this data with external data that informed ESB Networks as to other external factors that may impact on the pole condition such as ground water levels, soil types etc. The Energy Insights team went a step further and using the coordinate data of each pole assessed the risk to the public if a pole failed. For example a pole may be supporting a high voltage line across school grounds or a busy transport link. The team developed a risk based preventative maintenance programme based on all this information.

The Results

  • ESB Networks made savings by addressing the high risk high priority poles in the first instance
  • Ensured that ESB Networks were better informed as to the factors that impacted on the condition of their wooden poles feeding back into future procurement requirements

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